Monday, February 11, 2013

Homeward Bound

I went home this weekend. It would have been really nice to see some of my (parent's) neighbors. And even though it was part of my plan, that did not happen. I pretty much gave up on the idea Friday afternoon when I mapped out my mission. A mission that could only happen in the suburbs. A mission in need of accomplishing before returning to the office on Monday.

The mission:
  1. I had to finish Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. City life is fabulous, more than. However, it comes with many non-reading late nights and several more distractions. I needed the comfy couch, a fire place, and a calm, quiet house to bulldoze through the final parts of this bizarre novel. Finished.  
  2. In an effort to save money, I wanted frozen berries and olive oil from Costco. Purchased.
  3. I needed to venture to Target to buy cheap-o curtains and sheets. I needed to convince my mom to tag along as a voice of reason. Bought. She silenced my indecision and ensured I came home with something. And two days in, I am quite happy. For the past four plus months, I have been sleeping on flannel... and my roommates--they are great, but they like the heat on 80 degrees. So even when the temperature drops to 19 degrees (outdoors), with my curtains, blinds, and window open, I am the saturated in sweat variety of H-O-T. 
  4. Finalize the homemade steal-each-and-every-yummy-recipe-from-Ma-and-Pa cookbook I received as a birthday present, oh something like six months ago. I also need to print out some good looking my style recipes while at home... because I am pretty sure that is not the main purpose of the company. I have been cooking all sorts of delicious vegan meals. You (audience) would be proud, of the cooking part that is. Task completed.
  5. Avoid cooking. And eat mega delicious home cooked meals. Sated. There is nothing quite like packing on five pounds in a weekend.
  6. Spend quality time with my youngest brother, C.A.H... who is 17 and awesome and hard working and inspiring and talented. And is going to be leaving me very soon for college. Check. He took me on a date! There was two hours of focused one-on-one time, filled with fluent conversation (and not a cell phone ring). How sweet is that?
  7. And sleep. I needed sleep. LOTS. My crabbiness has been getting the best of me lately. Rested.
So really, I am just rambling here. That pretty much sums up my weekend. I apologize that I cannot make it any more interesting than this, but some weekends are just like that. A whole lot of nothing with the people you love.

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  1. Hope you will share some of your favorite recipes! And yes, this reader is proud & impressed that you are finding fun in the kitchen!