Sunday, November 25, 2012

Necessary Release

My life, since college, seems to be in a constant state of transit. And so I have adopted the front passenger seat of my car as a bench for various items I may need while I am away from home. In this ‘process’ I have become, in my own way, the bag lady. Not in the sense most 20-something girls are. That girl is just not me. It is the briefcase. The over sized purse. The ratty red Lululemon ‘lunch box’. The heavy winter coat with stuffed pockets. I often juggle a cup of coffee as well. Every now and then I catch a glimpse of myself with all these random things balancing precariously on my body and giggle.

This picture is a pretty accurate of the way my life often feels… a little frazzled, a bit disheveled, but getting the job done.

For someone who likes to travel light, I do not treat my relationships and concerns the same way. It is like I have a backpack with various issues of heartache, like stones, packed inside. It is much heavier and exhausting than my actual backpack… but I cannot exactly dump these people and things, can I?

As the holiday season approaches, I am wrestling with how to selectively carry the essentials, while releasing a few smaller stones. There is a purpose for bearing these burdens. I show love by sharing the load, but productive carrying involves and endpoint to my transport.

I spend so much time analyzing the issues or simply carrying them around. I came across this quote on Pinterest… and decided even the strongest arms need rest.
I am striving to emotionally disengage a little and simply be; to accept life for what it is, taking both the good and the bad together, in stride. 

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  1. Sammy,

    I love this post as I can truly relate...even at 50 my backpack often feels heavy.

    xo Meredith